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The traditional rocking horse, at its best, was a clever compromise between sculpted horse and hardwearing toy.

Several years of restoring them revealed their weaknesses, which I was sure ought to be capable of remedy for the 21st Century.

Some improvements were obvious:

  • There is no need to use traditional glue it decays and absorbs damp. It is too brittle for large lumps of wood heads and legs fall off bodies develop cracks.
  • There is no need to coat a rocking horse with rabbit skin glue and whiting gesso, it cracks, falls off and will not take paint properly.
  • If you use more than one piece of wood, there is no need for legs to be unnaturally straight.
  • If you glue the wood under pressure, there is no need for the body and legs to be separate, fixed with wooden pegs.
  • Frames do need to be rigid, with proper joints, and side runners deep enough to take decent metal bushes.
  • Saddles need to look realistic, to be fixed and safe.

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